Experience at Pluscamp

Pluscamp Saltstraumen Camping, Snorkeling in heavy currents. Photo: Vebjørn Karlsen

Snorkeling in heavy currents

Join and experience Saltstraumen in a new way; Watch life underwater with your own eyes and experience.
Pluscamp Namsos Camping, Dresdensykling on Namsosbanen

Dresdensykling on the Namsos course

There are only a few drainage stations in Norway, and PlusCamp Namsos Camping is extra proud that one of these can be found in Namsos.
Pluscamp, experience, Hunderfossen

Hunderfossen Family Park

The whole of Norway's Adventure Park has more than 60 activities, for the whole family together!

Mosjøen Via Ferrata

Join a steep, airy and exciting experience!
Frosta - a small historical gem in Central Norway, Pluscamp Hauganfjæra Camping

Frosta - a historical gem

Enjoy the tranquility and life with - with panoramic views towards Trondheim.
Pluscamp Stranda Feriesenter, Experience Geiranger

Experience Geiranger

Geiranger is one of the natural beads in Fjord Norway.
Pluscamp Strynsvatn Camping, Stryn Sommerski

Stryn Sommerski

Stryn Sommerski is a mountain resort on Strynefjellet, 45 km east of Stryn center.
Pluscamp Bud Camping, Coastal path


In Bud you can walk along the coastal path.
Pluscamp Garden Seats, Mosque Safari

Musk ox safari

Try the mosquito safari on Dovrefjell!
Pluscamp Gol Camping, Gol Motor & Leisure Park

Gol Motor & Fritidspark

Try motor activities on the 2 and 4 wheels for children and adults.
Pluscamp Ballangen Camping, Stetind - Norway's national mountain

Stetind - Norway's national mountain

The majestic mountain that rises vertically from the sea can be seen from at least seven priesthoods.
Via Ferrata Loen, Pluscamp Sande Camping

Via Ferrata Loen

Via Ferrata Loen is a phenomenally beautiful trip from fjord to mountain!
Pluscamp Aurdal Fjordcamping and Cabins, Golf


Valdres Golf is a natural pearl of a golf course where it lies scenically in an idyllic setting
Pluscamp Sandvik Camping, Nigardsbreen


Experience the strong blue color in the breeding grounds and the formation in the brigade of Nigardsbreen.
Annebu, Pluscamp Trollstigen Camping and Guest House, Stand Up Paddling in Istra river

Stand Up Paddling in Istra river

Try the paddle board (SUP - Stand Up Padling) in the Istra river in Romsdalen.


Lilleputthammer is a unique family park for small children's families - here the children get close proximity, experiences, play and fun in a heart warmth and safe atmosphere.