Muskox safari


Experience something unique and magical with an unforgettable muskox safari at Dovrefjell! Dovrefjell National Park is home to the only population of muskox in Norway, and this is a rare opportunity to see these majestic animals in their natural habitat. Experienced guides will lead the safari, ensuring your safety and passing on their wealth of knowledge this will be an experience that you will remember. 

On the muskox safari, you will experience the beautiful and spectacular nature that Dovrefjell has to offer. The area has majestic mountains, plains and valleys that form a fantastic backdrop for experiencing the muskox, while learning about their behaviour, feeding habits and life cycle. 

Bring your camera and experience an unforgettable muskox safari at Dovrefjell and let yourself be enchanted by Dovrefjell's wild and beautiful landscape and the majestic presence of the muskox.

Quick facts

For de eventyrlystne    For the adventurous

Moskus    Muskox

Vestlandsnatur  Nature

Turterreng  Hiking paths

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