Glacier hiking


Experience Norway's unique nature in a completely new way with glacier hiking! Traverse the country's spectacular glaciers while in a safe and guided environment.

Norway's varied and beautiful landscape becomes even more impressive when you step onto the icy surface of the glaciers and observe the majestic mountains around you. You will be able to walk on glaciers that stretch for several kilometers and experience fantastic views of the mountains that surround you. Cross deep crevasses and blue ice formations and learn about the history of the glacier and its impact on the environment around you.

Norway's glacier hiking industry is well regulated and offers experienced guides and safety procedures to ensure that the trip is safe and memorable. Glacier trekking is an exciting and different way to explore Norway's nature and is suitable for all age groups and experiences.

Get ready to experience one of the most unique and memorable nature experiences that Norway has to offer! Join a glacier hiking tour and explore the magnificent landscape and glaciers that make Norway one of the world's most beautiful countries.

Quick facts

For de eventyrlystne    For the adventurous

Brevandring    Glacier hiking

Vestlandsnatur  Nature

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