Privacy Policy



You are important to us, which is why your privacy is important. We only collect information required for the website to function properly, in addition to some statistics such as visitor numbers. We can see the statistics in Piwik.


Which information do we collect?

The statistics (which we just spoke about) cannot be used to identify you. All data, including your IP-address, is anonymised before it is sent to Piwik. The only personal data we get access to is anything you submit in our online booking or via email directly to us.


External sites

On our website you will find links to our social media and other websites, and if you click on these, we will send you through to those sites, just so you know.


Did you say cookies?

We use cookies on the website. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you access a website. Some of the cookies are necessary for various services on the website to function. Information cookies are also used to analyse the use of our websites. It's entirely up to you if you wish to accept cookies. If you choose not to, it may mean that some parts of the websites you visit no longer work properly.