Ekte og Lokalt

Authentic & Local

Unike Pluskvaliteter

Unique Plusqualities

Det selvfølgelige

And the fundamentals


Why Pluscamp?


Experience the uniqueness of Pluscamp - meet outstanding local owners and discover campsites with distinct Plusqualities. Our strength lies in the diversity of our owners, and each Pluscamp has an exceptional story to share. You will be met by owners and staff who have an affinity and love for their place and who will happily share their insider tips about the hidden gems in their local area - to make sure you get exactly the holiday you want.

When you choose Pluscamp, you support the local and the distinctive. We are not like other campsites - we are a melting pot of wonderful people, located in Norway's most spectacular places and who all have their own unique Plusqualities that we know you will appreciate. With us, you don't just get a place to stay overnight – we'll welcome you into our world of unique experiences.


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