Although there are many great places to go hiking, there is something incredibly special about the Norwegian mountains. From majestic snow-capped peaks to deep valleys and fjords, there is always a fantastic view to enjoy while hiking in Norway.

In Norway we’re known for our “marka culture". Marka is the Norwegian expression for forest and mountain areas surrounding the cities, and there is a widespread hiking culture throughout the country. This means that there are well-maintained paths and good hiking routes, and that you can meet other hikers and get tips on good routes and places to visit. And even though Norwegians are known for being a little shy, this cover is blown once we’re in marka – here you will be greeted by fellow hikers, and everyone is always up for a chat. 

But it is not just the marka culture that makes Norway a special destination for hiking. With a varied fauna, it is possible to see everything from reindeer, moose to lynx and eagles while hiking. And with its four distinct seasons, Norway always has something new to offer. From snow-capped mountain peaks in winter to colorful deciduous trees in autumn, each season is as spectacular as the next.

So, if you are looking for a unique and spectacular hike, look no further than Norway. Explore majestic mountain peaks, deep valleys, and beautiful fjords, and experience the Norwegian marka culture and wildlife along the way. Norway is expecting you!

Quick facts

For de eventyrlystne    For the adventurous 

Vestlandsnatur  Nature

Turterreng  Hiking paths

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