Water sports


Norway's meandering coastline, beautiful fjords and countless lakes and rivers give you a unique opportunity to experience the country from the water. With spectacular and varied nature, with high mountains, glaciers and beautiful coastlines, there is something for everyone. If you choose to take to the water, untouched nature is within your reach.

Maybe a kayak trip on the quiet fjord sounds appealing, or if you prefer just a little more action how about trying white-water rafting, jet skis, surfing, or water skiing?

Norway’s history is closely interlinked with shipping, ensuring that our coastline is dotted with shipwrecks and underwater reefs that are interesting for divers to explore. Norway's fjords are also known for their rich wildlife, and diving or snorkeling gives you a unique opportunity to experience this up close.

Most of our sites offer a range of different water sports on site, or in the immediate vicinity. With Norway's varied landscape, rich wildlife and easy access to equipment, there is something for everyone to experience. So, what are you waiting for? Norway’s waters await you!

Quick facts

For de eventyrlystne    For the adventurous

Kajakk    Kayak & rafting

Vestlandsnatur  Nature

Dykking  Scuba diving & snorkeling

Pluscamps with water sports