Hello big and small adventurers!


The playground is a natural gathering place - a place where you can run, jump, climb and have great fun! There are so many exciting things to explore on a playground, and you can play alone or with other children. Maybe you want to climb a climbing wall, slide down a slide or balance on a rope? Or maybe you want to try an obstacle course and see how fast you can get through it?

The campsite playgrounds are even more fun than the ones at home. Do you know why? You can meet new friends on the playground. Maybe you can come up with a fun role-playing game together or just have fun and play freely?

With us you will always find new and exciting play equipment that is designed to suit different ages and skill levels. So regardless of whether you are small or big, you can find toys that suit you perfectly. And some sites also have a volleyball court, football pitch, or modern interactive play equipment!

So why not take your family or friends to a playground and experience the joy of playing and exploring? It's a fun and exciting way to pass the time, and you're sure to have a blast!


Quick facts

Lekeplass    Playground

Familievennlig  Family friendly

Pluscamps with playgrounds