Unique fishing experiences


Norway is known for its rich fishing culture, its wonderful fishing waters, and its long coastline.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery and landscape while fishing in mountain waters, rivers, lakes or along the coast. Each location opens the doors to a completely distinctive experience. Whether you’re hoping to catch a salmon, trout, char, pike, pollock, cod or perch on the hook, there are opportunities to try different fishing techniques and challenge yourself as an angler or just enjoy the silence while waiting for the fish to bite.

Fishing in Norway is not only a popular leisure activity, but also part of Norwegian culture and tradition. Fishing has been an important industry and livelihood for many coastal communities in Norway for centuries.

Regardless of whether you are experienced or a beginner, fishing in Norway will give you a unique experience you will never forget. A number of our pitches are close to excellent fishing spots - let us help you experience our beautiful country, and the rich fish stocks Norway has to offer!


Quick facts

Fiske    Fishing

Vestlandsnatur  Nature


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