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    Pluscamp Strynsvatn Camping, Stryn Sommerski

Stryn Sommerski

Stryn Sommerski is a mountain resort on Strynefjellet, 45 km east of Stryn center. The ski center is located along the county road 258, known as Old Strynefjellsveien and is a national tourist road. The road is winter closed from October to the end of May.

The center is located on Tystigbreen and offers many experiences in the summer nest.

The 1000 meter chair lift brings you up to the breb pool, where there are opportunities for free driving at your own risk. Terrain park will be built at the chair lift.

Stryn has a fall height of total 290 meters If you want a different summer holiday for both young and old, this is the place for fun, fun and unique nature experiences. Here you can romp and just enjoy. Season end is approx. in the middle of July, depending on the snow melting.

Distance from Strynsvatn Camping is 32 km, a nice drive in the wild western countryside. So what are you waiting for? "Winter is best in summer"