• Pluscamp Garden Seats, Mosque Safari
    Pluscamp Garden Seats, Mosque Safari

Musk ox safari

Try the mosquito safari on Dovrefjell! Every day in the summer you can join a guided mosquito safari at Dovrefjell. Fjordvante guides will do everything to ensure a wonderful and educational nature experience in Dovrefjell's magnificent scenery. The tours last for approx. 5 hours, but can be customized as needed.

The duration and duration of the tours will vary slightly. This because the muskus moves in different areas throughout the summer season. For the most part, the tours will take place in easy hiking.

Contact Moskus Safari Dovrefjell for registration. You can stay at Hageseter Turisthytte - cabins and camping at Dombås on Dovrefjell.

(Picture CH - Visitnorway.com)