Mosjøen Via Ferrata

Welcome to Norway's northernmost Via Ferrata

Norway's northernmost Via Ferrata (which is Italian for iron path) opened the summer 2017 in Øyfjellet near Mosjøen. Join a steep, airy and exciting experience!

There is a wire mounted in the mountain, and the route is laid where we can find natural grips and steps to attach. A beautiful view of Mosjøen with surroundings awaits you along the way, and at the top you can see, among other things, the well-known mountain range "The Seven Sisters".

The trip gives you the opportunity to try mountain climbing in a safe environment and without any special knowledge. The route is classified as B / C, ie easy to medium difficult, and can thus give a challenge and an exciting experience to most people who do not have climbing experience from before.

Via Ferrata is only 1 km from Mosjøen Camping.

The tour must be carried out with guide. Book Via Ferrata tours at Natural Helgeland. Natural Helgeland has the necessary equipment. They guarantee goose skin, dribbling in the stomach and a great mood feeling at the top!

Pictures: Cato Ravatsbakk