• Pluscamp Sandvik Camping, Nigardsbreen
    Pluscamp Sandvik Camping, Nigardsbreen



Experience the strong blue color in the breeding grounds and the formation in the brigade of Nigardsbreen.

Nigardsbreen, a valley breach in Luster municipality in Sogn og Fjordane, is one of the largest and most famous expirers of the Jostedalsbreen. Breen is a major tourist attraction. The Nigardsbreen grows and reduces the amount of snow that falls in winter and how much it melts in the summer. An exciting landscape forms of bridges, tunnels, valleys and icebergs.

At Nigardsbreen there are two suppliers of guided walks on the glacier: Jostedalen Breeders Lag og ICETROLL. These offer tours with different difficulty levels suitable for both families with children and for those who want more challenging trips.

It is also possible to travel to the glacier and see it on its own.