Lilleputthammer is a unique family park for small children families - here the children get close proximity, experiences, play and fun in a heart warmth and safe atmosphere.

Lilleputthammer in Hafjell is the only family park in Norway specially designed for children up to 9 years. Here the children feel at home. In "the small town with the big heart" the children can have an action day by train, cars, boats, carousel, ferris wheel, roller coaster or swoop in Olas frog jump. They can romp in the climbing tower, obstacle course, on the cushion and trampolines.

Inside the houses, children can draw, build, play or go to the cinema. In Barns Bokby they can attend reading time, and there are plays and shows several times daily in the small town.

The city of Lilleputthammer is a copy of Storgata in Lillehammer as it was in the 1900 century.

(Picture: Lilleputthammer)