Fjord Norway / Western Norway

Pluscamp Strynsvatn Camping

Welcome to Strynsvatn Camping

Strynsvatn Camping is beautifully situated by Strynevatnet, 11 km east of Stryn. We have 37 cabins and 4 apartments for rent. 12 small cabins are of simple standard, the other cabins and apartment suites are of a high standard with shower and toilet. All cottages and apartments have a patio with garden furniture. Nice view of Strynevatnet.


61 55 ° '47.6364 "N, 6 ° 55 '20.0388 "E

Pluscamp Trollstigen Camping & Gjestegard

Welcome to Pluscamp Trollstigen Camping

The guest house is located in Isterdalen, in stunning scenery at the foot of Trollstigen. Here you will have a great panoramic view of Trollstigen, Stigfossen and surrounding mountain peaks. We are located ten kilometers from Åndalsnes on the 63 road to Geiranger.

Pluscamp Trollstigen Camping offers accommodation in cabins, space for camping and dining, all of a high standard.


62 29 ° '57.192 "N, 7 ° 40 '15.7548 "E

Pluscamp Bud Camping

Welcome to Pluscamp Bud Camping

Pluscamp Bud Camping is located in the fishing village Bud, the coast's pearl, at the start of the National Tourist Road that goes to the Atlantic Road and Kårvåg. Pluscamp Bud Camping has 13 large cabins and 10 small cabins, these are cabins from ** to *****. There is modern sanitary facilities with shower and toilet, laundry and common TV room. There is also a shared kitchen with cooking and dishwashing facilities.

Boat rentals 20 pc boats of different sizes. And with engine from 9,9 hk to 100 hk.


62 54 ° '14.49 "N, 6 ° 55 '43.4856 "E