Eastern Norway

Pluscamp Aurdal Fjordcamping and Cabins

Welcome to Pluscamp Aurdal Fjordcamping and Cabins

Aurdal Fjordcamping and Hytter is a family campsite with children in the center! We have beautiful seating areas right down to the fjord for the day tour, with power, cable TV and wireless internet. Here you can enjoy the view or fish right outside the caravan, carriage or tent. There is free fishing along the campsite's shoreline (about 1 km).

We also have a tavern, pub and convenience store which is open most of the year (open every weekend in winter).


60 54 ° '53.8992 "N, 9 ° 23 '38.3028 "E

Pluscamp Rustberg Camping

Welcome to Pluscamp Rustberg camping

Rustberg Camping is a family campsite designed for families and groups. We have 2 apartments, 32 well-equipped cabins in several sizes and new seating for motor homes and cars. Also has room for winter camping. If you come by tent, we have excellent pitches for campers. Access to toilet facilities and kitchen.


61 16 ° '48.2916 "N, 10 ° 21 '27.5904 "E

Pluscamp Mageli Camping

Welcome to the Pluscamp Mageli Camping

Mageli Camping and Cabins is one of the largest campgrounds around Hafjell / Kvitfjell, Hunderfossen and Lillehammer. We are 15 minutes from Hunderfossen and Lilleputthammer Hafjell, Kvitfjell and Skeikampen. Only 30 minutes from Lillehammer.

We 34 200 cabins and caravan sites with electricity.


61 22 ° '2.7516 "N, 10 ° 17 '4.3152 "E