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Cultural Heritage in Namsos 15. - XNUM. August

Kulturmartnan is a good old-fashioned market with locally produced crafts, crafts and food!

NRK guest Pluscamp Gol Campingsenter

There was a great impression of Easter tourists and top mood when Rune Nilson sent directly from Gol Campingsenter in Easter.

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New cabins at Pluscamp Mageli Camping

At Pluscamp Mageli Camping there are now two high standard cottages.

New exciting project at Pluscamp Bud Camping

Pluscamp Bud Camping is in full swing with a new cottage field.

Pluscamp Ballangen Camping can be the year's service company

Pluscamp Ballangen Camping nominated for this year's service company "in the Narvik region 2018.

New area for caravans at Pluscamp Stranda Feriesenter

The new area for caravans is soon ready.

Extensions at Pluscamp Stranda Feriesenter

We at Stranda Holiday Center are in an exciting time where we are waiting for new cabins and ready-made new expansion.